1963 Morris Minor 2 Door Saloon



Pictures taken of the continuing work


Passenger side rear wheel arch, boot floor & chassis rail extension repair.


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Unfortunately, the floor/sill rot had extended to the leading edge of the rear inner wing, so the rear wing was removed and the area repaired using sheet steel and new wing mounting nuts were welded in place.  The wing itself was not too bad, so the rust was removed and the wing flange painted with red oxide primer.  Unfortunately the boot area had been leaking for some time and the passenger side of the boot floor (at the rear) was rotten, as was the rear of the inner wing, which crumbled when touched!  Also, the rear chassis extension was totally rotten and had been subject to a BAD repair previously consisting of a bent metal plate nowhere near the rot and just tacked into place on one side!  So the area was cut out completely back to clean metal.  The fuel tank was removed and the boot floor, chassis extension and rear inner wing was replaced.  Next the driverís side was examined carefully and a little rot was found in the rear sill area.  This was minimal and was patched as a replacement sill was not warranted at this stage.