1963 Morris Minor 2 Door Saloon



Pictures taken of the continuing work


Passenger's side floor, outer sill, inner step sill & crossmember repair.


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NOTE:  Not all the welding is mine, especially the edge in photo 96 above ^

The underside was then checked prior to the MoT and the full horrors were discovered!  The driverís side (which could be seen) was pretty OK, but the passenger side was NOT!  The jacking point came away in my hand and I could see that the sill and crossmember end needed attention.  I ordered the parts and set to work.  The crossmember end (as far as the chassis leg) was replaced as well as the jacking point, outer rear sill, lower half of the boxing panel and the rear section of floor with the appropriate strengthening sections being replaced while the area was exposed.  The floor was also patched (rot cut out and seam welded both sides) in areas where the replacement panels were too short to replace what Iíd cut out.  Also, a new kick plate & sill finisher was fitted to the passenger side.