1963 Morris Minor 2 Door Saloon



Pictures taken of the start of the work!


Grille panel, grille and bumper valance painted.

Bootlid bottom edge repaired & painted.

Driver's side sill & front of rear arch repaired.


(Click picture for larger, better quality version)


The charging problem seemed to disappear after cleaning the regulator contacts.  The bootlid had been previously sprayed in primer and had rusted through at the bottom and in patches elsewhere so that was removed and the bottom cut off and replaced with a home-made section.  The bootlid was then taken back to bare metal, etch primed and painted.  The front bumper, valence and front panel was then removed.  The wing was bent back into shape and the rear driver’s side wing had the large dent popped back out.  The front panel was then stripped, straightened, skimmed and painted.  The top chrome was replaced as the mountings were rotten with a 2nd hand one from eBay.  One of the hockey sticks was serviceable but the other was too far gone so a 2nd hand one was bought from the National Rally at Breamore.  Also at the rally a 2nd hand bumper blade and front bumper valence was bought as the old ones were beyond repair.  The 2nd hand valence needed some work (slight straightening, sanding and welding a new number plate flange on) and then was painted.  The grille, which was rust coloured was taken back to bare metal, etch primed, and painted then reassembled with the rest of the front panel using new fixings.  A new ‘old stock’ radiator was fitted and turned out to have a hole in the bottom.  This was re-soldered and re-fitted along with new old stock radiator hoses.  New tappet chest cover, front timing case and rocker cover seals were fitted to the engine and it was given a full service.  A rear passenger side light lens was located and fitted along with a 2nd hand re-painted number plate light unit.  The number plates were cleaned and re-fitted using new fixings and the rear one was shaped to fit the bootlid. The front wings had rotted near the back edge (near the door) on both sides, so the rot was cut out and a strip of new steel welded in and skimmed with filler.