1963 Morris Minor 2 Door Saloon



Pictures taken on the way back from 

picking the car up in London 


(Click picture for larger, better quality version)


Gracie was offered to me by a friend of a friend as being Ďsolidí underneath with just a charging problem, slight oil leak, a leaky radiator and an MoT expiring in December (this was in May 2005).  It turned out that Chinese whispers had degraded the message and the MoT actually ran out LAST December but she still had tax and the owner was emigrating so a genuine reason for sale.  Also, the owner said that he only wanted a bottle of Johnnie Walker for her as thatís all he paid.  I agreed to take the car (which was in London Ė 200 miles away from me), so on the 15th of May 2005 armed with my Rover 400 estate and an A-frame I drove down to London to collect the car.  She was parked in a side street and was looking pretty down on her luck as she had been hit by a car on the front driverís side, which had pushed the wing in, dented the valance and bumper and dented the front panel.  I had a look under the driverís side and all seemed OK.  I could not see the passenger side as she was parked next to a high curb.  She started straight away but then died and would not start again, so I just coupled up the A-frame, checked the tyre pressures and away we went home!