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Unfortunately, due to the amount of spam we have been inundated with (31,000 pages!), we have decided to close the guestbook until further notice.  

If you wish to leave us a message you can email it to: and put guestbook in the subject line.

Below are some comments from 'real' people who left genuine messages.

C.foster on 26th March 2011 - 08:08
i am not spamming,just wanted to say that this is a brilliant site, and i think that the car identification part is brilliant.

Cap'n on 16th July 2010 - 22:46
Nice website. Left the Potteries in 1984 for Cornwall & still here. Now got a pickup and a van. Keep up the good werk! 

Santa dawes on 19th November 2009 - 00:59
What a FAB Web site. It's FAR better than our Sth. Wales One.
Thanks for everything you did at the NEC 2009. Santa & Julie Dawes. 

Jonathon Heap JLH on 29th August 2009 - 21:39
Excellent site and resorce Cam, welldone always amazed at the prolific amount of good pics and info 

Carlos Costa Ramalho on 11th July 2009 - 10:21
Hi All
As a Portuguese Morris Minor enthusiast I must saycongratulations for your site.
greethings from Portugal
All the best for you All

richyt on 17th June 2009 - 23:50
its nice that this club makes new members feel welcome 

sue street on 21st February 2009 - 19:33
i would just like to say how sad we are to hear of the death of max,we have not been members for very long but max always made us feel very welcome.max will be greatly missed. sue and gary. 

ARTHUR WISE [WAZ] on 21st January 2009 - 22:40
the website is very good lots of info WELLDONE 

Tom Rhodes on 5th December 2008 - 21:07
Congratulations on a well structured site, the photos bring back so many happy memories, all the best for 2009.

Elizabeth Cartwright on 3rd December 2008 - 20:47
Very impressive, obviously alot of hard work and dedication gone into this site 

Ian Alec Shaw on 3rd December 2008 - 20:46
A good, very informative web site, good luck for the future 

Gary Street on 3rd December 2008 - 18:41
I agree with Geoff, the club is one of the best 

Geoff Oakes on 2nd December 2008 - 23:39
Since the new management took over the branch is going up and up, well done. 

sue street on 2nd December 2008 - 22:57
the web site is brill,lots of info to look at. 

Geoff Oakes on 2nd December 2008 - 12:06
The Potteries Branch is one of my favourite branches in Area Ten