1968 Morris Minor 1000 Traveller



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Owner:  Chris Knowles

Type:  Traveller

Year:  1968

Colour:  Smoke Grey

1968 Smoke Grey Traveller. I have owned it for 6 years and had only one previous owner. Nevertheless, even with its history and the fact that it was taxed and MOT’d when I got it, it still needed plenty of work. After an initial clutch change so I could use it for a few months, I took it off the road for six months to carry out major renovation work.

This included:

Replacement of sills, suspension crossmember, rear inner wings, boot floor, front wings and one rear wing, front inner wing repair panels.

Strip and bleach wood, replace 30% with new.

Full re-spray and corrosion protection.

Fit Fiesta XR2 front seats.

Front anti-roll bar.

Miniator alloy wheels.


The car has been kept almost standard and can be made original by swapping the wheels and the seats etc. I did this because it is worth keeping a one owner car as original as possible.