1380cc Road Competition Engine


MED 1380 Road Competition Engine



Fully machined and prepared A+ Morris Ital block.

Reground and tuftrided crankshaft.

Omega 73.5mm 11cc dished pistons.

Kent 276 duration camshaft with Kent followers.

Duplex timing gears and chain.

High capacity oil pump.

Competition bearing set.

Modified Minor flywheel assembly with new clutch cover and plate.

Fully balanced.

10:1 Compression ratio.

Minor engine front plate.

Modified engine back plate to suit modified Midget clutch bell housing.

Lucas 45D4 distributor with Aldon Ignitor electronic ignition.

MGB alternator, Metro fanbelt & enlarged Maestro adjuster bracket.

Mini ignition coil (non-ballast type).



MED Road Competition Head



Fully modified (Ported & Gas flowed).

 21NS Stainless Steel 37mm Inlet & 31mm Exhaust valves.

 Silicon valve guides.

New double springs (Cooper 'S' type).

19.5cc Chambers.

New Ital rocker assembly

NGK BP8ES Spark Plugs.



Single 1 3/4" (HIF 44) S.U. Carburetor with BBZ Needle.

M.G. Metro inlet manifold.



K&N cone type air filter.