1952 Morris Minor 2 Door Saloon

(Series MM)


Pictures taken prior to restoration


(Click picture for larger, better quality version)


Pictures I took after purchasing the car:


Unfortunately (sigh) the

engine is seized.....

Radiator looks OK though!

Sidevalve in all it's glory!!

Might need the odd pipe

here and there.....


No carpets, but that's

the least of my worries!

Seats in dire need of

a re-covering


Nice door cards!


Not too bad, will look better

after a wire brush & a paint


About to be loaded

onto the trailer.....

About to be taken home

where the work will begin!


The good, the bad, and

the ugly (Traveller under

cover in background!!!!).

Nice picture of all

three in a row


Cheesegrater grille

looks quite tidy.

Indicators have to go though!

Those rear wings have

to go.  Along with the

 'Dalek' indicators